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The Holocaust


The Holocaust was one of the most terrible events in human history. It occurred during World War II when Adolf Hitler was leader of Germany. The Nazis and Hitler spoke against Jews even before the start of World War II. They blamed them for everything—from the defeat of World War I to the Depression. People were looking for someone to blame, and Adolf Hitler was there to urge them on. This hatred grew on what was called the Holocaust.
Many Jews were businesspeople and some were the best musicians and artists in the world. No doubt the German citizens were jealous. Eventually, Jews were considered dirt. The Nazis murdered six million Jewish people in concentration camps during the Holocaust. This included as many as one million Jewish children. Millions of other people who Hitler didn't like were killed as well, including Polish people, Catholics, Serbs, homosexuals, and handicapped people. It is thought that the Nazis murdered as many as seventeen million innocent people. The true figures will never be known.
The Edelweiss Pirates were very real groups of teenagers that formed across Nazi Germany in response to the indoctrination and strict regimentation of the Hitler Youth, a state-controlled program that required young people aged 14 and older to enroll. The Edelweiss Pirates gave those who rejected the ideals of Hitler Youth an outlet to express themselves. I interviewed ex-members of the Edelweiss Pirates and many ex-Hitler Youth members. The Edelweiss Pirates novels are fiction based on actual events that happened between 1939-1945 in Germany.



Adolf Hitler and a Hitler Youth



Adolf Hitler meeting young German boys.

Edelweiss Pirates


Edelweiss Pirates. 'Operation Einstein'

A group of fun loving rebellious German teens calling themselves the Edelweiss Pirates, witness something so deplorably sickening they decide to take action when a six-year old Jewish girl is left orphaned. Torn between patriotism for the country they love and their own rights and freedoms they have to try and do the unthinkable, but with the Gestapo and Hitler Youth hot on their trail, is it too late?


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13-year-old Jacob Mandel has it all: a loving family, nice home but nothing prepared him for what happened when the Nazi’s take his entire family away to a concentration camp. Miraculously he escapes and survives by clinging to the one thing that gives him hope, his faith. But when he falls into the hands of the Hitler Youth he discovers they have a secret…. When the Edelweiss Pirates come across a death train packed with Jewish prisoners bound for a concentration camp they do the unthinkable… but at what cost?


Children of WW2

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