Archie Wilson


Archie Wilson & the Beasts of Loch Ness

Tragedy strikes forcing 10 year-old Archie Wilson to live with a father he doesn’t know in Foyers, Scotland.
Archie stumbles upon a secret underground cavern, befriends Gordon the Loch Ness Monster and the last remaining Sporrans who, for over a thousand years have lived in secret.
When the most treacherous creature of all time; known as the Nuckelavee tries to resurrect itself. Archie is the only line of defense against the Nuckelavee, and the fate of the world may rest in his hands.


The Loch Ness mystery

Heartfelt, witty, and wonderfully original.
Archie Wilson's world is in ruins. After his mother is killed in a car crash, the London boy is sent to dreary Foyers, Scotland, to live with his father--a man he's never met. In particular, the author beautifully renders Archie's evolving relationships with his father. Overall, this story will connect with kids. Cooper masterfully plays with well-worn myths and folklore to create a new Scottish tale imbued with its own playful magic.


Expect theunexpected

“Cooper gives a new twist to an old, enduring myth. An exhilarating, mind-expanding voyage under clam waters that opens the mysterious secrets of Loch Ness”